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Our Mission

Our mission is simple. RealFi’s goal is “to be the lender of choice for our customers by providing both diversified and competitive mortgage financing options with excellent customer service.” With a diverse customer base that includes first time home buyers as well as high net worth individuals, RealFi can provide the appropriate financing to meet any customer’s specific needs.


Licensed in 17 States

By being licensed in so many states, we are one of the largest independent lenders throughout the United States!

Grow at your Pace

With endless communication and fast support, transitioning from where you are now to RealFi is easy!

Earn Greater Income

Earn greater income as an Originating Branch Manager today!

Our Company

RealFi Home Funding Corp. is a national force in mortgage banking. Established in 2000, RealFi is a correspondent mortgage banker. We are direct lenders licensed in 17 states across the United States with over 250 employees.


Business Analysis

RealFi is a leading, technology driven, alternative investment management firm with expertise in real estate credit strategies.


Monetary Planning

Our management team includes a diverse combination of legal, financial, management, real estate, transactional and investment professionals.


Forging Partnerships

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Assessing Risks

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Our Dedicated Team

This unique mix of diverse and experienced backgrounds enables us to carefully evaluate both the positive and the negative aspects of a particular transaction. The experience and capabilities of our professional team have consistently protected our investments from downside risk.

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I began my career in the Mortgage Industry in 1997 as a loan officer...

Anthony Pepe